A word with… Morvane Cellier

Morvane Cellier is a winemaker for Boutinot in the Rhone Valley, France. She likes to play music in the winery, with a predominantly French playlist featuring classic musicians such as Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Higelin. But why does she do it and what difference has it made…

What type of wines do you make?
We make all types of Rhone Valley wines: white, rosé and red, Cotes du Rhone Villages…

Why did you first decide to play music in the barrel room?
I wanted everyone to enjoy at the maximum the time we spend working there and to have happy people in the winery during our very long days of harvest.

What type of music did you decide to play and why?
Any music that my cellarmen or myself like. I also ask my trainees (from South Africa, Argentina and around the world) to bring the music they like so we can discover music from all around the world and exchange culture.

What did you expect to happen?
If people are happy they will be more receptive and sensitive to the winemaking and you will see that in the wines.

…and has that happened – what has been the impact on the wines?
Yes, it is much easier to work with music, each action is softer and the wines are more harmonious!